Bronze, free-range turkey 10kg+

Bronze, free-range turkey  10kg+





We source free range turkeys from two local farms, both award-winning! The birds are traditionally reared, growing naturally and slowly to full maturity. They are free to roam in grassy paddocks and fields around the farms, enjoying a completely natural diet of cereals and vegetable protein. The delicious oven-ready turkeys couldn’t be easier to prepare. They arrive in a convenient carry-home box, complete with detailed cooking instructions and recipe leaflet. Everything has been made easy for you. We will do our best to provide you with a bird that is as close to your requested weight as possible, but it may be slightly smaller or larger than ordered.

We will provide poultry and other meat products as close in size as your requested weight as is possible, but the product may be slightly larger or smaller than ordered.

We will do our best to fulfil your order, however there may be circumstances beyond our control which mean that we are unable to supply a particular product. We will inform you if this happens and do our best to offer suitable alternatives.