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Reduce, recycle etc. 

Everyone’s aware of the important environmental issues that are constantly in the news.  So exactly what are we doing at Q Gardens?
We’ve been thinking hard about the way that we do things.  And in response have made quite a few changes to our practices - so small that you might not even have noticed!  But as we all know “every little helps”. 
The first change was to remove free-of-charge carrier bags.  For a couple of years now we’ve been charging 5p for a carrier bag although we’re not legally obliged to do so.  Consequently our carrier bag consumption has dropped by about 95%!  A remarkable reduction - thanks for all of your who bring your own shopping bags, and to those of you who simply do without.  By the way, we often have used cardboard boxes piled up next to the tills that you are very welcome to use.  
Did you notice the first cardboard fruit punnets last summer?  We were testing out some alternatives to the usual plastic fruit punnets - they worked pretty well so you can expect to see more like this in future years.   
And we reduced our use of plastic during the Pick Your Own season as so many of you lovely customers not only “picked-your-own” but you “brought-your-own” boxes too!  A brilliant response saving hundreds of plastic punnets.  
Earlier this year we finished all our single-use cups and didn’t replace them.  Did you know that an estimated 7 million are used ion the UK every day?  We’ve now got our own multiple use cups - first coffee free!
Only a very few of our fruit & veg products are ever wrapped in plastic - the vast majority are always unwrapped, we offer paper bags but please don’t feel that you have to use them.  Love naked veg!
Bring back your egg boxes!  Both Brook Farm and Beechwood Eggs are happy to have their boxes back for reuse.
We’ve swapped plastic ice cream spoons for wooden ones - not universally popular but really important as the plastic spoons are very hard and take hundreds of years to biodegrade in landfill. 
We asked our free-range chicken supplier to swap their polystyrene trays for recyclable plastic ones.  And guess what? They did!  
We suggested that customers bring back the elastic bands that we use around bunches of asparagus, for re-use - and hundreds were! 
We’ve joined the Refill water scheme - we’re happy to fill up anyone’s water bottle!
Spotted our cork collection box?  If you pop a few bottles over the holidays please bring the corks in and we’ll pass them on. 
We’ve always tried to stock local produce - reducing food miles and supporting other local producers. 
We work with other local producers and growers to make deliveries as efficient as possible - we often share journeys to save miles.
There is inevitably some waste in our shop - but we try to make the most of it: the cattle enjoy a special treat of stale bread and cauliflower trimmings!
and finally ........ Chilton Primary School is collecting empty toothpaste tubes and used toothbrushes for specialist recycling -   both items that are difficult to recycle in your usual domestic bins.   




Don't forget to bring your own bags and boxes!


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