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PYO Health & Safety Advice


  • The ground will be uneven in the orchards and fields and on the tracks. To avoid trips and stumbles please wear appropriate footwear. E.g. flat-soled shoes like trainers.
  • There may be insects and plants that could sting or scratch you. It is advisable to wear long sleeved clothes for protection. There is a first aid kit in the PYO hut or farm shop.
  • Sunburn is a risk - appropriate clothing and a hat are advisable in very sunny weather.
  • Please do not bring dogs into the fields or orchards.
  • Our premises are large and agricultural vehicles will be moving about. Children must be accompanied by adults at all times. No unaccompanied children under 11 are allowed.
  • Only pick from the areas that are open to the public.
  • Follow all instructions given by Q Gardens' staff


Safe use of stepladders


  • Only adults over the age of 18 may use the ladders. Children must not use the ladders.
  • Only use the tripod style ladders. Any other style of ladder is for Q Gardens staff only and not for public use.
  • Only use the stepladder on firm and level ground.
  • Ensure that the stepladder is fully open before use.
  • Wear strong flat shoes with dry soles and a good grip.
  • Don't wear sandals, slip-ons or have bare feet.
  • Do not work off the top two steps.
  • Make sure that the steps of the ladder are dry and clear of debris and mud.
  • Keep your body facing the stepladder at all times, between the uprights.
  • Don't reach too far forwards or sideways with one foot on something other than the stepladder.
  • Hold the ladder with one hand while you pick with the other.


Any customer who refuses to behave in a safe manner will be asked to leave.



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