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PYO - pick your own - the 2017 PYO season is over.  


All gone!





Raspberries - all gone




Blackberries - some will be available ready-picked in the shop.  



Cherries - all gone, ready-picked cherries will be available in the shop for a limited period.



Strawberries - all good things come to an end, and these have! 



Damsons  - some ready picked damsons available in the shop for a limited period. 







Check into the Pick Your Own hut (on the opposite side of the main road from the shop) from 10am.  Cash only in the PYO hut.   Please take a moment to read the housekeeping and safety information that is displayed on the PYO hut.  The hut may close if the weather is poor.   If you are not sure where to go please check into the shop where the staff will be happy to give you directions.  


Hut open from 10am to 5pm.


We cannot accept electronic payments in our PYO hut, however we can take the payment in our shop across the road and the fruit can be collected upon presentation of a receipt showing the purchase. 


Watch this space for information about:

PYO strawberries & raspberries  

PYO cherries & morello cherries

PYO raspberries & blackberries

PYO plums & damsons


Our PYO season gets up and running with strawberries, then the cherries. Here's our guide about what is in season when. ‘Picking your own’ is a great experience – you may be having a party and want to serve fresh strawberries for the dessert, you may want a quantity of raspberries for jam-making or simply want to enjoy spending some time in the cherry orchard picking a rare treat – the Harwell cherry.  It’s a particularly popular activity for children – so many of whom don’t know where their food comes from – this is a great way of letting them know!



*  You are required to pay for the fruit before eating it.  

*  Remember the PYO order: pick, pay, eat.

*  Please follow the directions given by our staff or signage. 

*  We patrol the orchards & fields and monitor pickers' behaviour.  

*  Please do not allow your children, or anyone else in your party, to eat the fruit prior to purchase.  We know                 that you are likely to try a small sample of the fruit, but this is not a free lunch!

*  Sorry, no picnics in the orchards or fields.  

*  Do not allow your children to play with the fruit - we work hard to grow it and don't enjoy seeing it wasted.

*  Please follow instructions regarding the use of ladders when picking cherries.

*  Dogs are not allowed in the orchards or fields.

*  Please be aware that we only accept cash in the PYO hut, so come prepared!  However, we can accept                             credit cards in the shop.

*  We reserve the right to close the PYO fields because of bad weather or lack of fruit.

*  PYO Health & Safety Advice








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2017 PYO over!





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health & safety advice 


Cash only in the PYO hut!  

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