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"Pick & Go" at the PYO 


Our 2021 PYO season is over.  


Thank you for visiting us this year.  See you in 2022!


There is a rubbish bin next to the hut - please do not litter - don't spoil our orchards! 


As always, opening subject to weather and fruit availability.  Please always check here for updates before visiting. We are simply a hut in a field - we do not have toilets or hand-washing facilities.  


The nature of our site makes it difficult for us to enforce strict rules and regulations so we are setting out the following guidelines that we would be grateful if you would take note of and act upon. 

These are for everyone’s health & wellbeing in extraordinary circumstances.

These arrangements may be subject to change. 

* Please do not bring big family groups with you – this is the year for just one or two of a household to attend to pick fruit, then take it home for everyone to enjoy.

* Do not eat the fruit on site.  We strongly recommend that you should wash the fruit before eating it.

* Keep all appropriate social distancing in the queue and in the picking area. Stand back from the hut.

* Please do not arrange to meet friends in our PYO car park – it’s not an area for socialising.

* We regret that you will not be able to use your own containers this year, but you can certainly re-use our punnets, paying the appropriate charge every time you use them.

* No late entries


We are simply a hut in a field.  We do not offer hand-washing facilities on site.  There are no toilets.  The toilets in the shop across the road are closed to the public to protect our staff.  Consider bringing your own hand sanitiser.


Only touch if you are going to pick!

No picnics, dogs, or wandering about! 

Please follow instructions, signage or guidance from our staff.

We will refuse entry if we deem that there are too many people on site for appropriate social distancing.  Consider carefully the time of your visit – try to avoid peak times. 

We reserve the right to change arrangements as we see fit. 

We reserve the right to close the PYO if the fruit runs out, or if the weather is unsuitable. 






 Watch this space for updated information about other crops that ripen during the summer:   


Raspberries + Blackberries + Cherries + Plums + Damsons + Greengages





BE CAREFUL ON THE LADDERS - no children allowed to climb! 


Our PYO season gets up and running with strawberries, then the cherries. Here's our guide about what is in season when. ‘Picking your own’ is a great experience – you may be having a party and want to serve fresh strawberries for the dessert, you may want a quantity of raspberries for jam-making or simply want to enjoy spending some time in the cherry orchard picking a rare treat – the Harwell cherry.  It’s a particularly popular activity for children – so many of whom don’t know where their food comes from – this is a great way of letting them know!


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