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Car Park Collections


Designed to enable you to collect your chosen groceries with minimum contact with us or our premises, ideal for those who are self-isolating or shielding.  Our shop is still open for walk-in customers. 


Please email your shopping list to us, info@qgardensfarmshop.co.uk  


Taking orders today! 


·          please include specific details like how much or how many.

·          tell us which day you'd like to collect. 

·          minimum order £20, or thereabouts.

·          please consider your shopping list carefully –  please try not not make any changes to your order once placed

·          include your phone numbers – both home and mobile so that we can get hold of you.

·          orders need to be received by 2pm for collection, hopefully, 48 hours later (excluding weekends).  This is not guaranteed - we are very busy and can only do our best!

·          we will do our absolute best to complete your order but can't always promise that we will be able to supply everything on your list.  If you'd prefer no substitutions, then please state this on your order.  


order placed by

earliest the order will be ready

(only after a call from us)

2pm Monday

2.30pm Wednesday

2pm Tuesday

2.30pm Thursday

2pm Wednesday

2.30pm Friday

2pm Thursday

2.30pm Monday

2pm Friday

2.30pm Tuesday


We will call you when the order has been fulfilled, and sort a card payment over the phone, and then advise you what your order number is and when to collect your order. 


If you need to contact us then please phone our order line on 0787 811 3665 but only if it’s absolutely necessary!  Every phone call slows us down!


We do not store your credit card numbers after use. 


To collect: please park, stay in your car and then wave cheerily at us.  It's helpful to write your order number boldly on a piece of paper to help us figure out who you are - just like the taxi drivers picking up passengers at an airport! When we’ve identified you we will put your groceries onto the benches outside the shop. 


Please DO NOT COME INTO THE SHOP to collect. 


If you are unable to lift the box or have mobility issues please let us know: stay in your vehicle and we will put your groceries into the back, again with minimum contact.  


If you are unable to collect at all and have no willing volunteers of your own, then worry not, there’s an army of local people out there who are happy to help, so get in touch and we’ll get it sorted for you.  

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