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Our farm, situated just a couple of miles away from the shop, is where we rear all our own beef and lamb, and grow the fodder for the livestock. We know everything about our cattle and sheep especially the hours of hard work we put in.


The farm is fully ‘farm assured’ which means that it is independently inspected to ensure that we are working to high standards of animal welfare. We nurture the livestock from pre-birth to slaughter so we don’t need to buy in any stock for fattening – reducing the need for the transport of livestock and keeping food miles down in another way.





John Deere tractor

           ewe and lambs 

What's happening on the farm? 


Combine's running, tractor's delivery loads of grain into storage, baler's putting the straw into bales which are then stacked away for the winter. 

It's all go! 




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Milton Hill, Steventon, Abingdon

Oxfordshire, OX13 6AB

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