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Cherries were introduced into England by order of Henry VIII in Kent which is to this day one of the regions of England that grows Cherries. Europe is the biggest producer of cherries across the world, although there are

 some parts of the USA and Australia that produce cherries.


Cherries have their best flavour as soon as they are

 picked from the tree. They have a reasonably short shelf life, and should be consumed within 3 days of picking. Cherries are best eaten as they are, but people often use them for deserts and also to make liqueurs.


Not only are cherries renowned for their stunning taste, but also for the picturesque blossom they produce in spring. As cherry blossom is etremely short lived every year, is it very symbolic in Japan. Many in Japan believe it depicts extreme beauty followed by a quick death, and has been symbolised in art and flim within Japanese culture. In Japan cherry blossom is used as a foodstuff. It is pickled in salt, and used for a variety of dishes. At festive events, cherry blossom is put into boiling water, and served as a type of tea known as sakurayu.


Q Gardens has a wide range of varieties, including Early Rivers, Hertford, Napoleon, Stella, Sunburst and Van. Harwell and its surrounding area has always been known as a very good area for growing cherries and have been grown here for a long time, hence the reference to the Harwell cherry that you may hear.


We are one of a very few farms in the UK that allow the public in to pick their own cherries, so don't miss out on the opportunity and come to see us. Our picking season usually starts in June, and lasts at least until late July, if not later.



Here are a few websites about cherries:


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