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Q Gardens' Bouncy Castle

To use the bouncy castle all children must be signed in by a parent or other responsible adult. Please ask a member of staff for the Bouncy Castle book.

Q Gardens do not supervise use of the bouncy castle. It is the parents' or other responsible adults' responsibility to supervise their child or children when using the bouncy castle at all times. The adult signs the book to show that they understand this.

Age limit – the bouncy castle is for children aged 11 years and under only.  Children at the top of this range must show consideration to younger children.

Size of users – users should be of a similar size/weight.  If your child is significantly smaller or bigger than the current users then wait until the smaller/bigger users have finished.

Users should remove their footwear, any jewellery and any other potentially dangerous objects e.g. pens, belt buckles, mobile phones.

No food or drink to be taken onto the castle.

Don’t chew gum while bouncing.

Do not play on the front step of the castle or on the ground immediately in front of the castle

Do not climb the sides, kick, somersault, or play too boisterously.

Q Gardens insists that all users abide by these rules.  Any individual repeatedly refusing requests to behave in an appropriate way on the equipment will be asked to get off the castle.

We are sure that if all users stick to the rules then everyone will safely enjoy their visit to the Q Gardens bouncy castle.



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Don't forget to sign in  before the kids us the bouncy castle.













When's it picked? Click here for our seasonal calendar

When's it picked? Click here for our seasonal calendar



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